Did a Bulldog Bite Off a Pedophile’s Penis as He Tried to Rape Sleeping Children?

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A family dog supposedly saved sleeping young children from sexual abuse by biting off an intruder’s genitals.

On 14 November 2017, various web sites reproduced an article reporting that a family dog had saved sleeping young children from sexual abuse by biting off an intruder’s genitals:

A pedophile has been left with “life-altering” injuries after climbing through the bedroom window of two young children, only to be greeted by their pet bulldog who bit his penis off.

52-year-old Randle James of Saline County, Arkansas, climbed into the 1st-floor window of the small family home into the room where the two young sisters were sleeping after passing by and seeing the open window.

After climbing into the room of the 3 and 6-year-old sisters, James got more than he bargained for when family’s Pitt Pull Terrier leaped to the girl’s defense.

The dog severed the rapist’s genitals clean off and swallowed his penis and testicles.

There was no truth to this story, which originated with Neon Nettle, a fake news site that traffics in fabricated clickbait tales. This item wasn’t even original to Neon Nettle, as it strongly resembled an earlier story from a different fake news site positing that a pitbull had torn off the genitals of a man who tried to rape the dog.

The photograph that accompanied the Neon Nettle story had nothing to do with a canine attack or an attempted rape. Rather, the picture of the alleged perpetrator was a still image taken from a video showing a man’s reaction to being given ketamine (an anesthetic) after fracturing his ankle in a skateboarding accident:

Neil was told he needed surgery to reset the ankle which had three fractures, but doctors wanted to set it in place while he waited for surgery.

He was given the drug ketamine to ease the pain, and soon started to make himself heard.

In the documentary Dr Amit Roy, a consultant in emergency medicine, said: “Ketamine is a fairly powerful anaesthetic drug.

“It is quite unique, it works by disassociation.

“So the patient may be awake but not aware of their surroundings rather than being completely under like some of the other anaesthetics.”

Ketamine is a class B drug, but is licensed for use by doctors as an anaesthetic.

It works incredibly quickly and puts patients in a ‘trance like’ state so they cannot feel pain. Neil is a good example as he begins to experience the effects swiftly after being injected with it. This allows doctors to reset his ankle, before popping a cast on him.

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