He Started Harassing Another Student On Campus. What The Witnesses Do Will Surprise You

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Bullying is still a major problem today, despite all of the anti-bullying campaigns and the efforts of good samaritans who help out when they see a bad situation unfolding. Unfortunately, the problem of bullying persists because many people ignore it or choose not to do anything about it when they see it. One YouTuber decided to team up with a friend for a social experiment to see just what would happen if people witnessed someone being bullied right in front of them.

Yousef Erakat, better known by his YouTube identity fouseyTUBE, wanted to get a question answered: “Why does bullying continue, and why doesn’t anyone put a stop to it?” To figure this out, he brought a friend along with him to a college campus, where he began to push around and “beat up” his buddy in front of other students.

Yousef puts the words on the screen, “What if no one stopped to help you while you were getting bullied?” and “Bullying starts and ends with us.” We applaud Yousef’s effort to spread the message that bullying needs to stop, and that we can all help put an end to it.

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