‘My wife left me and our 4 kids for teenager who lived with his mum and dad’

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A dad who was married to his childhood sweetheart and had four children with her couldn’t have been happier with his picture-perfect life. But when his wife went to her work Christmas party, his family changed forever

A dad-of-four whose wife left him for a teenage boy who still lived with his parents has told of his heartbreak after being left as a single dad.

David, who told his story to The Sun anonymously, said his former wife’s new partner is 17 years younger than him – something that has caused him immense heartache.

He says that, back in 2017, his life was “story-book perfect” and he was happily married to his childhood sweetheart Daisy.

The pair, who had fallen in love at 18 years old, moved in together at the age of 20 before having their first child at 23 and going on to have three more.

They’d been together for a total of 18 years and married for nearly a decade. While he admits life was stressful running around after four kids, he was “very much in love.”

However, David said when he came home from a work trip, his happiness was shattered.

David’s wife said she was unhappy in the marriage ( Image: Getty Images)
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After taking his wife out for a date night, and sensing something was wrong, he says she told him she loved and fancied him, but wasn’t happy in their marriage.

Recalling the hurt of hearing those words, David said: “I had never felt physical pain from an emotional thing like that before.”

Daisy explained David wasn’t spending enough time with her while he took on other responsibilities including a football coach for their son’s team, a governor for the school and a local councillor.

So the next day, desperate to keep his marriage together, David says he gave up all his extra responsibilities.

For the next few months the pair tried to work on things, but one name kept cropping up in conversation with Daisy.

At the time, David says he thought little of it – after all, she was talking about a 19-year-old apprentice in her office.

However, when Daisy went to a Christmas party with work three months later, and said she was staying at a friend’s house, David had a bad feeling about it.

He admits he did something he’s “not proud of” and checked her location on the Find My iPhone app – and realised she was at a Premier Inn.

When he asked his wife why she was at the hotel, he claims she hung up the phone and didn’t answer the rest of his calls.

A few hours later, she called back and confessed she’d gone to the hotel with the apprentice. When she returned the next day, she told him she wanted to be “young and free.”

David says he asked his wife to leave there and then and, although he was heartbroken, he began the divorce process.

Meanwhile, Daisy found a new home separate from her new lover – who still lived with his parents at the time.

Overnight, David says he became a single dad and, while he struggled to carry on, he knew there was “no going back.”

Although he did his best to move on, David says it was hard to know his wife had chosen a much younger model who was “so inexperienced in life.”

“It was quite emasculating. You’re told men get better with age so I thought I should be getting more attractive, not less,” he wrote.

Despite the age gap, David’s ex and her lover are still together, and he is now around 24 years old – just six years older than their eldest daughter.

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However, he says his ex still deserves to be respected by their kids and so he’s never bad-mouthed her in front of them.

David has also started dating again and is now on his way to recovering from the break up.

He said: “This nearly broke me but I’m in a really good place now and making a fresh start. I’m mostly happy.”

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