‘I can’t tell my kids apart – I have to paint nail polish on them to work it out’

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A mum has gone viral online after admitting that she often can’t tell her twin babies apart – even though they aren’t identical – and has to use nail varnish to work out who is who

When it comes to twins, many people will know the struggle of trying to tell identical children apart, but others will immediately be able to spot the differences between the two.

However, one mum has claimed she’s finding it hard to tell her fraternal twins apart, even though the babies aren’t identical.

In a viral video on TikTok, the parent named Lacei Ramirez Amodei, shared a look at her beautiful babies, Cataleya and Diantha.

However in one clip, that’s been viewed one million times, the mum from the US shares how she’s had to resort to a special system to tell the little ones apart.

Lots of fellow parents admitted they struggled to tell their twins apart (stock photo) ( Image: Getty Images)
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Posting under the username @laceiramirez, she explains that she’s started painting nail varnish on their tiny toenails in order to help her work out which baby is which.

The mum held up one of her children’s feet, showing how she’d applied a small black mark on the toe using polish.

Lacei captioned the post writing: “I thought fraternal twins weren’t supposed to look identical.

“We ordered ID anklets but until then we are relying on painted toenails.”

In a follow-up video, the mum revealed the ID bracelets she’d ordered from Etsy had arrived.

They were made from a pastel-coloured foam and featured the names of each baby.

Hundreds of people replied to the original post about not being able to tell the twins apart, with many reassuring Lacei that she wasn’t alone and they’d had similar experiences.

One person said: “I’m a twin and my mom would feed me twice because she couldn’t tell us apart.”

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