Grandmother surprised with parade day before heart procedure

Срочные новости

A 92-year-old grandmother got surprised with a parade of love and well-wishes from her family before she undergoes heart surgery. Since the lockdown happened in March, she was not able to see anyone besides her immediate family. On Saturday, two days before Grace Burns’ heart procedure, her family and closest friends decided to surprise her. They did a drive-by “good luck parade” to make grandma “Onnie” happy.

n the video, Onnie’s close friends and family were showing up to her home in Northridge, California. They had signs and balloons displaying messages for Onnie as they rode their vehicle. Their messages include telling Onnie that she is loved and wishing her to feel better soon.

Doctors diagnosed Onnie with aortic stenosis. Her aortic valve only had an opening the size of a pencil eraser, but it should be the size of a quarter. Onnie had a successful TAVR procedure on Monday morning at Cedars Sinai. Now, she is resting comfortably at home.

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