Twins Hold Hands Together As Their Mom Captures Their First Exchange

Срочные новости

Growing up with a brother or sister is a special experience for everyone. When you’re young, you have a ready playmate just steps away. As an adult, siblings also have incredible bonds, always there to lend a hand or talk when you need them the most.

The bond between twins is particularly strong. Twins grow together in their mother’s womb and spend their childhood celebrating birthdays, first days of school, and other major milestones together. Some twins are so close that they even come up with their own secret language and communication system, as discerned from a new viral video.

In the cute video, two twin baby girls lie next to one another on a bed. The twin on the right then begins their conversation, gurgling and grabbing her sister’s hand. After a while, the little girl on the left joins in with her own coos and wraps her fingers around her sister’s hand.

While we, as adults, cannot understand the twins’ baby talk, those who have seen the video have their own theories as to what the two cuties are talking about. One commentator jokes that they are gossiping about the 4-month-old twin boys down the street, while another guesses that they are expressing their displeasure at their new formula.

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