Who Is Behind Insensitive Simon Cowell’s Bicycle Accident Memes?

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Simon Cowell is on the mend after falling off his electric bike in the yard of his Malibu home. He fell prone and had to undergo six-hour surgery to repair the three fractures he suffered, in addition to having a metal rod placed behind his back
.But some people on the internet are not as remorseful and are making memes out of the accident.

Simon Cowell’s serious injury causes him to miss America’s Got Talent

Some great tips… If you are buying an electric trail bike, read the manual before using it for the first time. I broke part of my back. Thanks everyone for your kind messages, “he tweeted.” And a big thank you to all the nurses and doctors. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Stay safe everyone, Simon. But Simon’s injury looks very serious, as doctors say the part of his back he broke was only an inch from his spinal cord. If he had broken his spinal cord, he could have been paralyzed for life or even died

Who Is Creating Memes About Simon Falling Off His Bike?

Simon’s injury does seem pretty serious, but that didn’t stop some people from creating memes of him riding his bike. One page with an icon of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction put out a photoshopped video of Simon riding his bike.

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