Autistic brother touches millions of hearts at brother’s wedding

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Encore! Listen to Sam’s touching speech below!

He made me cry, I’ve never heard a more touching speech in my life.

Newlyweds Jonah and Maddy Waldron were in happy tears after Jonah’s brother, Sam, delivered a heartfelt speech during the reception. It’s a big deal as Sam has autism and social anxiety.

Sam’s speech went viral and has been viewed by over six million people. The 23-year-old’s words were so pure and so full of love that the newlyweds posted it on their TikTok page.

The video now has around 776.8k likes and 27.7k shares.

Sam’s moment at the beautiful Iowa wedding had him speaking in front of 170 people, which to him was a big deal.

Public speaking can be terrifying for anyone, to be fair.

Jonah and Maddy had their tissues ready as Sam took the mic,

“You see, I have autism. My autism can make me terribly scared to interact with people, let alone give a speech in front of 170 of them, for Pete’s sake,”

Went Sam,

“But there is one person in the world I would do this for, Jonah Waldron. Check that. There are two people in the world I would do this for: Maddy and Jonah Waldron.”

Continued the young Waldron.

He had barely begun when the newlyweds could be seen dabbing at their eyes.

Sam proceeded to welcome his now sister-in-law to the family by saying that they were, “like a good fudge – mostly sweet with a bunch of nuts.”

He continued welcoming Maddy saying that she had married “the second most handsome Waldron” but that she had “all the makings of a great sister.”

He’s a natural!

Then Sam delivers such a sweet message to Maddy,

“For me personally, Maddy, you know that sometimes I can get very uncomfortable and nervous around many people … I have never been that way around you. You give me peace. You bring peace to all of those around you.”

I’m not crying. You are.

Encore! Listen to Sam’s touching speech below!

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