17 heart-melting images of dogs that meet babies for the first time.

Срочные новости

When a baby is born, everyone are excited to see the little thing.

Friends and family are curious, and it also includes the family’s dog, of course!

Dogs understand more than we think. They must have noticed the mother’s stomach as it was growing, so they are as excited as everyone to greet the new member of the family when he or she gets back from the hospital.

When it’s finally time for the puppy to meet the baby, it’s important to do so carefully. And of course the baby shouldn’t be left alone with the dog.

Below you will find 17 wonderful pictures of encounters between new babies and their dogs.

My daughter came home today and her two brothers were excited to see her

2. But Mom, do you love her more than me?

3. Rocco the dog and the baby catches sleep safely

4. We think this puppy is proud of its new brothers

5. Nelly watches over her little brother

6. I begged my dog ​​not to love the new baby … and then it happened

7. The dog in front of me has only one eye, but she is still keeping an eye on her new boyfriend

8. The older dog looks after the little baby. this is love!

9. Pete met Zach. They fell in love immediately

10. Roxy congratulates her little sister

11. Is there anything more comfortable than sleeping next to a baby?

12. The baby and my girlfriend’s dog are just wonderful together

13. What a charming couple!

14. My little dog curls up with what she thinks is her little puppy

15. BFF!

16. Meets the new baby for the first time

17. My best friend loves the new addition to the family

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