Daughter Asks Her Father If He Has Alzheimer’s Gives Comeback That Lights Up The Internet

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s are incredibly difficult for families to go through together. Not only is the patient affected, but families also have to bear the burden of watching their loved one slip away mentally.

Despite all of the hardship, there are moments of light during the dark times. Elaine Rusk found that out recently during a conversation with her father, Norm.

As told by the Sun Chronicle, in 2014, Norm was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 89 years of age. Although it was a devastating diagnosis, his family continued to rally around him. Elaine decided to become her father’s full-time caregiver. The two spend their days together, playing games and enjoying the natural beauty of the great outdoors.

One of their favorite shared activities is watercolor painting. This hobby is especially meaningful to Elaine because she remembers her father painting beautiful masterpieces when she was growing up. However, life got in the way and Norm was forced to give up this hobby as he grew older.

Fortunately, Elaine remembered how much joy painting brought to her father and decided to encourage this hobby again when he moved in with her. The sweet daughter made sure that her house was stocked with paintbrushes and paint so that Norm could enjoy this time with art again.

One especially touching moment comes when Elaine asks her dad if he has Alzheimer’s. You have to see his sweet response to understand how adorable this man is. After you have watched this heartwarming video, be sure to spread the joy to everyone else that you know. We could all use a smile like this!

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