5-year-old stands mid-service giving churchgoers in attendance a show when she starts to move

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It took everyone by complete surprise!

We know that the church is a place of worship and must be kept solemn.

It is a place of worship and praise, and people come to church to commune with God. It is expected that anybody who comes in it should keep that solemnity by behaving well and keeping quiet.

This is why it’s always a challenge for parents who bring their children to church.

While it is nice to start them young and teach them the values they could get from the Bible, it sometimes won’t go as planned. Some kids are fussy and can’t stay put for long hours.

What do you expect? They are children, after all.

Their attention span is short, and they quickly get irritated and bored if you just let them sit for an extended time. At times, it is out of our control (and patience, too).

But for this five-year-old Charlotte in North Carolina, people found it adorable and delightful.

Read the entire story to know why such behavior elicited joy from those who saw her. It is one thing to keep your child in proper decorum, but it’s also another when she breaks it in the most adorable way.

It was an Easter Sunday service for the churchgoers in Davidson College Presbyterian Church.

Easter calls for a time to rejoice since this marks the rising of Christ from the dead. During this time, even the scriptures and hymns speak of rejoicing, singing Hallelujah. This is one of the many instances where it feels good to move and feel the choir music.

Donning her beautiful pink Sunday’s best, Charlotte couldn’t help but dance in the aisle.

The choir was singing “The Messiah” as their song to end that Sunday’s service. The little girl felt the vibe of the music and couldn’t help but get to the aisle and start dancing. She kicked, hopped, and swirled around in all that beautiful grace.

At one point, she settled beside her parents’ pew.

It may seem to others that her parents might have reprimanded her for her behavior, but her parents said they let her be during the final song of the service. Her parents said that she was well-behaved for the most part and gave her that chance to have her shining moment.

She went back a few seconds after and continued to dance.

Charlotte showed off her ballet skills, tiptoeing and dancing throughout the song. She stretched out her arms gracefully as her movement fit the music very well.

Netizens were quick to praise the little girl and were touched by her performance.

One comment from Frances Marshall said:

“Total Respect for the church to allow this beautiful child filled with the Holy Spirit to dance for our Lord. The Lord was speaking to many with her dance and music.”

Most people agreed and applauded Charlotte’s performance.

While this may raise some eyebrows from others and question how her parents disciplined her, more people were delighted to see how this young girl felt the music and celebrated Easter the way it should be – full of joy, love, and hope.

video below!

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