Quintuplet babies take first walk with mom, dad, and more siblings in tow!

Срочные новости

The Scott family has their hands full, to say the least! With five newborn babies, leaving the house is not an easy task. With the help of older siblings, they manage to wrangle all the little ones.

For the first time since the babies came home, the whole family takes a walk outside. It’s a nice overcast day, so the sun isn’t beating down. The babies are lulled to sleep by the swaying strollers.

Skyler explains that quintuplet strollers are available, but those are custom-made and usually cost thousands of dollars. Instead, the Scott family uses a double stroller for the boys and a triple for the girls.

Everyone is excited to get some fresh air. The Scott’s home is perfectly placed across the street from a soccer park, so there are great walking paths right in their neighborhood.

When they return home, Skyler wonders how much each of the babies weighs. At birth, they were no bigger than two and a half pounds each, but they’ve grown since coming home.

With the help of older brothers Shayden and Landon, each baby gets weighed on the scale. All of the little ones are around eight pounds, with little Violet being the biggest at over nine pounds.

For the Scott family, every day is an adventure. With quintuplet babies, it’s all hands on deck. This family truly knows the value of working as a team and helping each other out.

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