Man found baby inside shoe box, later he found another one, and he realized the heartbreaking truth

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In many parts of the world, it’s normal that all children are born equal – without relation to their gender.

But there are parts in the world where whether it’s a boy or a girl being born can make a huge difference.

During the 80s, China began a policy of allowing only one kid in every family, a thing that led to many abortions related to the child’s gender and having parents abandoning their babies.

In China, a girl isn’t always appreciated as a boy. A boy usually have a better chance of finding a job – not even mentioning the much higher salary he can get.

This way of thinking made alot of social problems in China related to how society treats women.

Many couples, who gave birth to daughters, once this “one child” policy took place, have decided to put them in orphanage houses in hopes that one day someone may adopt them.

But not all parents acted the same. In the worst cases, parents would even kill the baby, but the most common action was to simply leave them in the forests or in the street – inside a shoe box.

One man who refused to sit aside and watch this happen infront his eyes was Yu Shangzhong.

According to asian news, Yu Shangzhong and his wife adopted their first daughter 35 years ago, when Yu was 40 years old.

4 years later, Yu found an abandoned baby left on the street. The baby was inside a shoe box and Yu’s heart wouldn’t allow him to leave her there, so he brought her home.

Yu and his wife adopted the baby and during the following years, the couple have adopted 12 more abandoned daughters.

His 2 younger daughters were also found abandoned inside a shoe box in 1998. The girls were born in a week difference between each.

Although blessed with a large family, life wasn’t easy for Yu and his wife, who live in Wenzhou, in the province of Chekiang.

Yu, who was the only one capable of supporting the family, had to do his best during part time jobs.

It was difficult to put food on the table and feed all the girls.

“We had tough days. When I was a little girl, my mother would carry me on her back, collect food leftovers from the street or even begging for money from people”, his older daughter Yu Xaeisong told the South China Morning Post. “People would give us money and old clothes”.

Due to the difficult conditions in which they lived, Yu and his wife decided to find another couple that could adopt his older daughters because they got older.

This would give the daughters a better chance for good life. 4 of the daughters study in a university these days, where they get limited financial support from the government.

5 of the daughters still live with Yu and his wife.

There’s a picture in Yu’s livingroom with chinese embroidery that one of the girls made. On it, there are 5 chinese letters that mean ‘a peaceful family will thrive’.

After all the family went through, they choose to look on the future with optimism and hope.

And for Yu’s 70 years birthday, his daughters bought him a golden ring to show their appreciation for him.

This story is a wonderful reminder for how lucky some of us are for living in some areas in the world.

And it’s hard not to feel amazed by Yu’s commitment to help these abandoned daughters, who are now his daughters!.

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