A 5-year-old woke up completely paralyzed – doctors looked at her scalp and absorbed the disturbing truth

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Summer has arrived, which means a lot of sun, sunbathing, fun games and hiking.

But many children and adults don’t appreciate the many dangers of hiking: especially the danger of tick bites.

“It will not happen to me”, many say to themselves.

But a tiny tick can completely change your life, and to complicate matters further, the symptoms are not always clear.

That’s exactly what happend to mother Jessica Griffin who became aware of this when she discovered one morning that her little daughter was completely paralyzed.

Jessica Griffin now warns all mothers and fathers to check their children well for tick bites.

The warning comes after a frightening incident that reigned terror on the family.

Jessica recalls the frightening moment when her daughter Kaylin woke up one morning and could not walk. She even had a hard time talking.

Jessica immediately took her daughter to the hospital, where doctors performed blood tests and a CT scan of her head.

Kaylin was eventually diagnosed with ‘tick paralysis’, the mother wrote on Facebook.

Tick ​​paralysis can affect dogs as well as humans.

When a tick stings its victim, it injects saliva, which causes a negative reaction in the immune system. This in turn causes temporary paralysis, or in extreme cases, even death.


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The risk is greater when the tick stings the scalp.

Kaylin was hospitalized and remained under observation. Naturally, her parents worried as they never did.

“We have been hospitalized for observation and we hope she will recover soon! Prayers for our baby! Fear is to say the least!”, The mother wrote.

Fortunately, Kaylin’s condition improved and she slowly began to recover.

Mother Jessica recently posted updates about the case, including a picture of the tick removed from Kaylin’s head.

“For God’s sake, check your children for ticks! This is more common in children than adults!”, The mother wrote.

The reactions to the mother’s warning were many.

Many parents shared their stories about how they too found ticks on their children – some even shared horror stories in which their children almost died as a result of tick paralysis.

Jessica said she had no idea her posts would go viral, but she was also pleased that she was able to raise awareness about tick bites and tick paralysis.

“It’s definitely something and we’ve experienced it up close! Check your kids regularly, in every part of their body!”

Symptoms of tick-borne paralysis

  • The symptoms usually occur 2-7 days after the bite and begin with weakness in both legs, which then leads to paralysis
  • The paralysis spreads to the hands and head within a few hours and can cause difficulty breathing and death
  • Although paralysis affects many animals and cattle, infection in humans is rare and usually occurs in children under 10 years of age.

It could have ended very badly for Kaylin, but thanks to her parents’ quick response, she survived.

“She is home today, and everything is back to normal”, Jessica said.

But not all children can have Jessica’s luck so it is critical to continue to spread the information about tick bites and what we can do to prevent them.

Please share the article so that no one will have to suffer and go through tragedy this summer.

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