Brave boy hilariously roasts his teachers during school talent show

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This kid has a bright future as a stand-up comedian.😂

One kid did something none of us ever could. He roasted his teachers on stage, putting them on the spot as the audience laughed at his jokes the entire time.

We did live in a different time, where roasting a teacher probably meant detention, but this 10-year-old boy proved that times are ever changing.

Meet little Kannon, the roaster.

Kannon’s mom is a teacher in the same Oklahoma school. Candace Dally teaches at Chisholm Elementary, so imagine seeing your own son roasting your colleagues at the talent show. Turns out, it was his first comedy act too.

The kid starts with a Mrs. Ball, whom he says is the “sweetest, most kind-hearted person” in his school. Except he questions her teaching methods as he had to repeat the first grade.

You know the kid’s got a point there.

The next teacher got a bit of a compliment, where Kannon says he had the best year during that particular class. And that’s because he got to play video games during Zoom meetings.

“And I still got good grades,” he says of the teacher.

Watch Kannon roast his teachers below!

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