Simon tells uncle and niece “That was one of my favorite auditions so far”

Срочные новости

They are pure joy, loved every second of this.

There can’t possibly be any mountain high enough for young Bri after singing with her big uncle Jojo.

Joseph B. Clarke and Bri’Anna Harper are the uncle-and-niece duo who just blew away the judges and the entire audience with an amazing duet of “Ain’t no mountain high enough”.

Jojo has been with America’s Got Talent once and Simon actiually recognized him.

He is a singer, composer, producer, and vocal coach who appeared on season 15 as part of the singing trio Resound.

They were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Another viewer captured the essence of this duo saying,

“This little girl really has the IT factor. She’s got a lovely smile ,A great personality she s very animated as she sings and dance plus she’s got a big Teddy bear of an uncle to help her bring it home with a great voice of his own. Their are awesome together! Wishing them Great success they are winners already.”

And we can’t wait to see more of Jojo and Bri!

Hit play below for this super fun performance!

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