Legends Andy Griffith and Randy Travis sing together on ‘Matlock’

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‘Matlock’ was a famous show starring Andy Griffith. The show also welcomed guest stars over the episodes. Andy welcomed country star Randy Travis to perform a few songs together.

Randy and Andy sit on an old sofa in the living room. Randy wears a black t-shirt and strums his acoustic guitar, and Andy wears a plaid shirt and plays the ukulele.

Each star takes a solo singing verse, and they come together in harmony on the song’s chorus, singing, ‘And promise me that you’ll be never, be nobody’s darling but mine.’

‘Matlock’ was a legal drama series that ran from 1986 through 1995 between NBC and ABC. The show contained dramatic courtroom scenes involving ‘Ben Matlock’ played by legendary Andy Griffith.

If you watched the show in the 80s and 90s, you’d remember Matlock’s love for hot dogs and his old Ford Crown Victoria. Andy made the character memorable right down to his all-gray suit.

Randy Travis spoke about his time filming the ‘Matlock’ episodes. He said, “He (Andy) had a small handmade guitar, and I was admiring that on our last time working together. I was admiring that guitar, and a couple days later, he had one there and came to the set and gave it to me.”

The guitar Andy Griffith gave the country music star became a treasured possession. Randy said, “It’s wonderful. It’s sitting in the house right now, and I pick it up and play it pretty often.” The two men cherished their time together filming the iconic TV show.

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