4-yr-old sends daddy letter in heaven but grandma never expects get package in mail from him days later

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4-year-old Milan celebrates her daddy’s birthday every year only this year when she sent out a balloon with a special note she was shocked to get a response back.

Four-year-old Milan never knew her father, Travis Larson. He was killed before she was born.

Tami Avolia, Milan’s grandmother and Travis’ mother, was devastated by her son’s unexpected and tragic death.

“He didn’t just take my son. He took my best friend. He took his daughter’s daddy away. She never got to meet him,” Tami Avolia said. “A week before, we were celebrating the gender reveal party. He was so excited he was having a little girl.”

But, even though he wasn’t there physically with them, Milan’s family made sure she knew her father. That’s why they celebrate his birthday every year.
This year, Milan wanted to do something special. She wanted to send him balloons in heaven.

And she added a special note as well.

Watch the video below and let it restore your faith in people, too.

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