Officer joins dance team during pep rally and steals the show with his moves

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This is so much fun to watch. I’d say he nailed it!

High school was a mixed bag for most people – there were good parts and there were bad parts. Still, something that most people can agree on is that pep rallies and student dance routines always got a ton of laughs! It wasn’t because it was the best-choreographed set, or the performance was perfectly timed. No, in fact, it was usually the opposite of those things! What made it hilarious were the people performing.

One student group at Chardon High School performed a fun dance that has captured the internet’s attention.

Chardon High School, located in Chardon, Ohio, decided to post a routine that some of the students planned for a rally. In the video, we see a group of students, all in black, stomp their way to the center of the basketball court.

Counting down, they make their way to the center of the court, only something strange is happening in the middle of the group? Looking closely, we see that a fully-dressed police officer is dancing with the girls in the middle of the ensemble!

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