Music cuts during dance and Mom’s moves steal spotlight

Срочные новости

She really knows how to tear up a dance floor.

Weddings are so much fun. Once a man proposes and the girl says yes, preparations are underway and even the family and friends are in on all the intimate details.

Once the sweet ceremony is done, the reception is on full swing with all the food and drinks ready to delight guests.

For the more traditional, there is always a dance between a father and his daughter and a mother with her son.
Call it a way of showing the world who raised who, giving thanks and showering love on mom and dad for everything they’ve done thus far. From then on, it’s between husband and wife.

But not before a dance like this one between a son and his mom. It’s sort of traditional but not quite.

Thomas Howell uploaded this video of a very cool dance between him and his mom.

It’s sweet, funny and actually pretty cool for mom to do this.

No one knows if the dance happened before or after their meals but either way, that’s putting all those dishes and drinks to good use,

Take a page out of Thomas and mom’s book here. Surely there are weddings to follow.

Check out this cool evolution of dance in the video below!

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