65-year-old grandma scares off 300-pound intruder with a baseball bat

Срочные новости

This shocking story could serve as a cautionary tale to others, don’t mess with grandmas! A 65-year-old woman heard some strange noises outside her apartment one day and looked out her window.

She noticed a man standing outside her apartment. She watched him trying to get into cars by jiggling their door handles, and he also tried to break the glass to get inside the vehicles.

Another concerning factor was the man’s wardrobe. He was only wearing boxer shorts! Grandma was getting really worried. Once she believed the large, 300-pound man was heading her way, she grabbed a bat.

This bat-wielding grandma knew precisely what to do since she was on her high school softball team. She opened the door slowly, and the burly man got closer. Eventually, he began charging at her.

She pulled the bat back into a hitting stance and whacked him on the head. She told the local news, ‘I tucked that bat and hit him upside the head. I said ‘Pi-yah!’ and he said ‘Oww.’ The would-be thief grabbed at his head and ran away.

Since all of his clothing was at grandma’s house, a canine officer was able to find the perpetrator. Grandma identified him, and he was arrested for burglary and drug possession.

Grandma even said he was lucky she didn’t have a gun! It is a scary story, but more for the thief than the grandma. She served up some street justice, and the police finished the job, making the arrest!

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