Because he has nannies of different nationalities, that’s why he started speaking 7 languages from the age of 4

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In today’s highly interconnected world, managing multiple languages is a necessity rather than a luxury or privilege for the elites. Mastering several languages allows you to have access to a whole new universe with its culture and knowledge to explore. Therefore, knowing that the language barrier is the last thing we need to break, this girl shows that nothing is impossible in the world of communication. This adorable little Russian girl is called Bella Devyatkina, she is from Mosu and she is fluent in 7 languages․

She demonstrated her skills in the Russian TV show “Amazing People” ․ Like a scavenger hunt, she spoke 7 different languages with native speakers passing the most incredible test. Bella has demonstrated fluency in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, French, German and Arabic. With her two cute pigtails, a velvet vest and a plaid skirt, Bella stole the hearts and admiration of the whole world. She managed to talk to people on stage in the most natural way possible. Her mother assures that the little girl is not overloaded with her language lessons, although her schedule varies from two to four lessons per week for six hours a day.

The method they use is the natural method, where the girl plays and learns by talking with native speakers of the language. Her mother was very involved in the little girl’s language process. It all started the day Bella was born, her mother started teaching her English and talking to her in both languages since she was a baby. When they saw the great progress her daughter was making, they gradually introduced new languages into her daily routine. Bella has different babysitters of different nationalities. The nannies are not dedicated to teaching her languages as such, they play with Bella, read her stories, children’s encyclopedias and this is how the little girl has learned so far. Bella is a happy little girl who plays and laughs like any other child in the world ․ The mother assures that her daughter is not a genius or a language prodigy, it’s just that they have invested a lot of time and effort in developing her communication skills.

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