Tico Tweets a Tribute: Bird Sings Beautiful Rendition of David Crosby’s Classic

Срочные новости

In this tribute to the late David Crosby, Tico, and Frank perform a lovely song. David Crosby died at the age of 81 on January 18, 2023. He was born on August 14, 1941. It is rumored that he died of COVID-19 complications. It’s also rumored that he planned to have the funeral at his horse ranch in Santa Ynez, California.

David Crosby was most known for the band Crosby, Stills, and Nash. This tribute video is playing the songs Teach Your Children and Southern Cross. In the video, you can hear Tico belt out his lovely singing voice and give it his all while Frank plays the guitar in the background.

Tico is a great performer, he walks around his makeshift stage, does some turns, and does a little jig. He even gives up a close-up. His whistling is so beautiful. The colors of Tico’s feathers are so pretty to look at and it’s like Tico is wearing a gown while strutting around on stage.

This lovely tribute video has almost 20k views and already has 1.7k likes. Share this heartwarming tribute with your Crosby, Stills, And Nash fans, and be sure to hit the like button while you’re at it!

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