Touching song about Dads sung by Randy Travis

Срочные новости

Country legend Randy Travis performs his hit song ‘The Box.’ As the camera descends onto a big home, it shows Randy in the shed picking up a wooden, dusty old box.

Throughout the song, it cuts back to Randy playing his acoustic guitar in the shed, looking out a window at sunset. Then, it shows him bringing the box into the house, and he opens it with his family.

There are letters, a baseball, and a Bible inside the box. The letter was for his Mother, and there were flowers for his wife from when they went on vacation. Randy sings, “The first time my Daddy ever flew,” while a flashback of his parents at the airport plays.

Randy sings the touching lyrics, “We all thought his heart was made of solid rock, but that was long before we found the box. I guess we always knew it, but ‘I love you’ was hard for him to say. Some men show it easily, and some just never seem to find the way.”

Then, Randy sings that he gave the pocket knife he found inside the box, and he thought it was lost. It shows a clip of a younger Randy running up to his Father on a porch and giving him the exact knife.

We see Randy’s Father looking out the window in a solemn way. There were clips of him and his Father when he was a boy cutting down wood, eating at the dinner table, and fixing his car.

We see a modern-day Randy reading a poem from his Father about the family. The song ends with him singing in the shed and the image of his Father, older and alone, swinging on a bench in the sunset.

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