Mama Cass’s Ultimate Performance: Hear Her Voice and See Her Iconic ‘Cass Shuffle’

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A newly-shared video clip of one of the episodes featuring the fantastic band The Mamas & The Papas has recently gained tremendous popularity for its stylish image and exceptional vocals.

The Mamas & The Papas is a sensational group that gained prominence in the 1960s. The 4 musicians, Cass Elliot, John Phillips, Denny Doherty, & Michelle Phillips, crafted memorable songs during that era.

Phillips is the songwriter and leader of the group and is frequently referred to as Papa John Phillips. Doherty’s voice mesmerizes the audience even today as he is gifted with a rich and soulful voice. Elliot, affectionately known as Mama Cass, compliments the lead singer’s voice. Wherein the audience knows Phillips as a gorgeous diva with a stylish image.

The song “Words of Love” by John Phillips fits the group’s singing style completely. As the singers come on stage, Phillips introduces his team members. Cass is the lead vocalist and starts to sing the song in her mesmerizing voice.

“Words of love, so soft and tender. Won’t win a girl’s heart anymore. If you love her, then you must send her somewhere where she’s never been before. Worn-out phrases and longing gazes won’t get you where you want to go.”

In the beautiful lyrics, Mama Cass advises the men to demonstrate their affection and love by sending the woman they love to places she has never been before. To which Phillips responds with a high-pitched “No.” The other members sing the chorus with her.

Several comments were added online by the fans. One person wrote, “Cass owned that stage; so confident, and her voice was stunning.” While another wrote, “I love the little “signature” dance Ms. Mama Cass does in her go-go boots.”

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