This Scene From “Up” Is The Most Emotional Beautiful Movie Moment Ever

Срочные новости

Pixar’s “Up” is one of the most touching animated tales ever, with scenes that’ll move you, but none are as emotional as this unforgettable moment. Ellie and Carl’s relationship through time is almost certain to make you cry as it flashes through their marriage.

Seeing Ellie and Carl live life together, growing old, and enjoying the journey by each other’s side has to be one of the most moving scenes from any movie of any type, ever. It’s definitely our favorite scene from Pixar’s “Up.”

The happiness that is depicted here is more moving than most films can muster across the passage of time. It’s an accurate portrayal of a life shared in love and the happiness that builds throughout.

It’s impossible to steal your attention away from the chemistry shown by Ellie and Carl in this clip. So sad. So true. Yet, so beautiful.

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