Spontaneous Performance: Swing Dancers Meet Street Pianist in Chance Encounter

Срочные новости

Typically, shopping malls play music to entice shoppers to relax and spend a few dollars. Rarely is that music a live performance, but that all changed when a man sat down at a piano in the middle of the shopping mall.

Jared Nandra was getting into a ‘Boogie Woogie’ medley of tunes for a YouTube video when he was suddenly joined by two incredible dancers from France.

A crowd started to gather on the upper and lower floors. Jared begins his tunes wearing a tan hoodie and a Geoff cap. The nearby public puts their bags down and takes out their cell phones.

An older couple grabs each others’ hands and begins to swing dance in front of the piano. The crowd claps and yells for them as the dancers and pianist work together to create a spontaneous musical masterpiece.

The dancers twirl and spin each other around while holding hands as they laugh and smile. Jared smiles as he plays while watching the dancers, trying to focus on his piano.

In the end, Jared lands on a final note, and the dancing man launches the woman over his head to end the dance, and they land together and laugh. The performers all shake hands and compliment each other.

It was a perfect display of ‘Boogie Woogie’ piano playing mixed with fantastic swing dancing. The shopping mall was rocking that day, and this free show thoroughly entertained all the people.

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