Coaches Left Speechless by 15-Year-Old’s ‘Voice’ Audition

Срочные новости

‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions always yield a great crop of performers with many surprises along the way. In this audition, 15-year-old Ryley Tate Wilson stuns the coaches with his vocal skills.

The stage is lit blue and purple as a piano plays alone on higher keys. The lights slowly swirl around as Ryley starts to sing the first line with a gentle, beautiful voice, performing ‘Dancing on my Own’ by Robyn.

Right after the first line, Coach Kelly and Coach Nial hit her button. The camera cuts to Ryley’s family in shock, cheering the coaches. Coach Kelly smiles and says, “Pretty.”

Nial laughs in disbelief at the teenager’s abilities. And before the first verse ends, Black hears him sing a higher note, and he spins his chair around while the audience claps in approval.

Chance is the last one left who hasn’t turned, and the other coaches stand and watch the singer. At the very end of the tune, Chance spins his chair to acknowledge the talent of Ryley.

In the end, Ryley stops and smiles, and he gets a standing ovation as he puts his hands on his knees, overcome with emotion. Coach Kelly asks how old he is, and he says 15.

In disbelief, Nial says,”What?” and Kelly jumps out of her chair. He says he’s from Montgomery, Alabama. Nial says, “Ryley, my head nearly exploded. That was the best audition we’ve seen here by a longshot.” They all fight for the right to coach the young talent.

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