With Ache In His Heart Man Collapses After Watching His Senior Dog Closing Eyes Forever

Lauro Morales, a young dog’s owner, decided to give his beloved dog the greatest tribute ever before being euthanized.

The owner got the things Cappuccino, his dog, likes including chicken, and documented his last moments in a 10-minute film.

The owner took the dog on a journey in the car, washed him, and fed him chicken before he died!

However, what is known that the dog is man’s best friend, but this man showed that man can also be dog’s best friend! He really tried to do what he could to give his dog the best final moments.

The owner also groomed the dog and gave him the last bath! Morales’ family also came to show the dog how much they love him, and will miss him.

Cappuccino was then met by some people, who gave him cookies and chicken.

The dog was then taken to the animal hospital to be euthanized. However, Morales just wanted 10 minutes to say goodbye to his lifelong companion!

The dog was then being euthanized in his owner’s hands, the best place for him ever! The best thing was that he died peacefully! However, the owner was not able to bear the situation and he collapsed after knowing that he would never see his dog again! How heartbroken!

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