A missing 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome was discovered with his devoted dog keeping him safe…

Dogs are wonderful pets because they are so devoted and protective, particularly when it comes to small children. There have been several reports of children going missing from their homes just to be discovered with their devoted dog at their side, keeping them safe and secure.

A missing 5-year-old child was recently discovered safe and sound owing to the protective presence of his German shepherd

An anonymous caller reported a small child strolling along railway lines with just his dog at his side on April 2nd, prompting police from the Houston Police Department to react.

Sgt. Ricardo Salas of the department says he knew the 5-year-old had Down syndrome when he saw him approximately a half-mile away from his house. As a result, he understood that a German shepherd called Alejandro had been following him around as a bodyguard.

‘Witnesses have informed me that the dog was with the small kid when authorities discovered him. As I went away with the boy, the dog trailed behind me,’ Sgt. Salas stated on his Twitter account. ‘This dog was both his defender and his guardian angel.’

It seems to us that the dog sensed something was wrong, that the boy wasn’t meant to be strolling out, and that he ended up following him, according to the Houston Chronicle’s report on the incident. ‘ He was very protective of the kid and would not take his eyes away from him.’

Even with the cops on hand to assist them, Alejandro remained vigilant, never allowing his human to leave his sight.

‘It seemed like the dog was following me wherever I went. When I placed the kid in the vehicle, the dog jumped into the driver’s seat with him. It wasn’t barking, and it wasn’t intimidated,’ Salas said.

Soon after, the cops got another call, which led them to the discovery that the boy was a missing child called Jose. It was discovered that Jose had walked off by his mother, Jasmine Martinez, who told Click 2 Houston that she and her 5-year-old son had been having a sleep when she woke up and noticed he had gone missing.

Fortunately, everything turned out fine: the kid suffered just minor scratches and bruises as a result of the incident. It is a source of gratitude, but not surprise, for the family that their faithful dog stepped in to defend Jose when the latter was in danger.

‘Alejandro has always been a very overprotective dog since we first got him, and we got him when he was a baby,’ she said. José Muoz’s sister, Samantha Muoz, told Click 2 Houston that she was not shocked to learn that her brother had been walking with him the whole time.

However no charges were made against the family, and police said that the mother will install kid protective locks to ensure that anything like this does not happen again.

In his statement, Sgt. Salas expresses his admiration for the ‘degree of commitment this dog had to this small child’ and notes that it was critical that the dog was watching out for him since the train tracks are generally highly busy.

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