Enormous Condor Returns Back To Say Thank You To The Man Who Saved His Life

Humans and animals can always create a great bond between them as love and care are the most important parts in any relationship between humans and animals.

So, when Edgardo, a man from Argentina, rescued a baby condor, that fell down from his nest, the 2 creatures were able to create a great bond.

The man took care of the condor till he was strong enough to live by himself, he then freed him to live in the wild. However, the condor did not forget what Edgardo did to him, and came back to thank him after a few years!

You can see in the video below the condor walks towards Edgardo, hugs him, and nuzzles his neck. You can also hear Edgardo talking to the bird. The video went viral directly getting more than 1.3 million views, and thousands of likes and comments. What a heartwarming reunion! Watch the video below.

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