Baby Deer Being Left On His Own, Rushes Toward A Family And Asks For Help

Typically, fawns are born in late May to early June as the mating season of deer is from October to January. In the 1st week fawns get fed by their mothers, who also hide them in vegetation to protect them from predators.

fawns stay with their mamas for almost a year, they also spend 3-4 months nursing after birth. Dawn Rasmussen’s husband heard a baby deer bleating and crying like a sheep when he was outside in their yard in May 2020. So, he started following the sound till he found a baby deer came running to him.

After seeing the baby deer, they directly contacted the vet before taking it to be examined. The veterinarian was able to know that the deer, who was named Thor, was abandoned. As fawns aren’t typically left by their mamas to fend for themselves, the vet and the man thought that his mama most likely died.

So, the family decided to take Thor in as the vet was not able to do that. In her mind, Dawn knew that she would not raise a pet but a wild animal. So, her husband and she created a large outdoor enclosure to let Thor stay outside and roam around. Dawn did a great job with the fawn as she had been feeding him milk for 5 months using a bottle.

Thor was also taught how to search for food. Dawn also shared that she allowed Thor to go out in the wild when he was 4 months old. But he would directly come back running if she hears her calling Thor, milky. However, Thor, who is 2.5 years old, is now living with a herd of deer so close to Dawn’s house.

He can now rely on himself, but he doesn’t forget Dawn as he comes back from time to time to hang out with her. What a great relationship! Watch the video below.

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