Video! When her human sister finally walks, the dog gets extremely happy

Maya and Abby are two sisters with an unusual relationship. Maya is a child who was born with cerebral palsy, while Abby is a dog. They’ve always looked out for one another since they were kids.

Maya’s faithful companion stuck by her side for years while she battled to walk.

It took a lot of effort, but Abby was there to help her the whole time. At the end of the day, their efforts were rewarded.

According to a recent YouTube video from The Dodo, Maya took her first steps unassisted at the age of 4, and Abby was right there to encourage her.

The dog’s delight at her human friend’s victory was palpable. You can tell how delighted they are by the expressions on their wonderful faces.

However, getting to those initial steps was a difficult trip. Maya required a lot of assistance throughout her first few years of life.

Maya’s mother recalled: «When Maya began walking in her walker, Abby would get up and kind of go after her.»

The mother felt it was a «security concern,» and Abby was just keeping a watchful eye on the little youngster. If Maya went down the slide, Abby would be waiting at the bottom.

Maya’s dog would follow her everywhere.

Maya’s physical therapy sessions didn’t get the dog very far. She would generally sit next to Maya’s bench and watch.

Abby was happy to see her beloved sister get better as a result of her treatment, and she was very proud of her.

The most joyous occasion, though, was Maya’s first unassisted steps at the age of four.

«I’m standing!» In the video, Maya says, «Yes!» «I even took the giant leap, you guys!»

Abby’s tail started swinging furiously as she joyfully flung her hands in the air.

It was obvious to both of them that this was a critical moment. Maya’s beautiful grin said everything, and the dog sprang up in delight to show her support.

Abby, it was found, had been disabled her whole childhood.

Her front right paw has been missing since birth. She never let it stop her from living life to the fullest. In fact, it strengthened her bond with Maya even more.

From the time the family took the puppy home from the local shelter, the two were inseparable.

Maya’s mother said, «Maya would play with her small dolls, and Abby would always just lie down immediately next to her, and Maya would talk to Abby like she was her little pal.»

The family is now telling the rest of the world about their heartwarming experience.

They created a Facebook and Instagram page to help raise awareness about cerebral palsy. The website describes the youngster as «teaching the world how to #beemighty one step at a time.»

Hundreds of people have been moved by the little girl and her dog sister, Abby, who are presently being followed on social media. After seeing their heartwarming video, we absolutely understand why.

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