This video quickly became popular on the internet! A dog teaches a baby how to jump

Alexis is unfamiliar with the «jolly jumper» and is unsure what to do about it. Day (kota), her dog, is accompanying her as they sit together at the doorway.

Because of their high hunting drive, some dogs mimic fox behavior and pounce on their toys. Day starts pouncing on Ally’s shadow in this example. Ally squeals with delight as she leaps.

Little Ally may not understand the cheerful jumper, but she enjoys her time in it as her friend Day entertains her.

Ally laughs with excitement every time Day leaps into the air and falls on her front feet.

The small kid starts to catch the concept as Day continues to jump on Ally’s shadow.

She propels herself into the air by pushing down with her small feet.

As Day jumps once again, Ally starts to jiggle in her jumper.

For all intents and purposes, Day seems to be «teaching» Ally how to jump. What’s to say she isn’t? After all, isn’t it the teaching-learning connection if the infant watches the dog leap into the air and chooses to replicate the action?

No one can disagree that these cuties are having a wonderful time, even if the dog is merely doing what comes naturally to her and the infant is simply bouncing with enthusiasm!

What are your thoughts? Is this gorgeous dog simply being a dog? Is she, on the other hand, instructing her small human partner to engage in the fun? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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