Man Camps Outside Shelter For Around 5 Hours To Be Able To Adopt His Favorite Puppy

Dr. Brian Eberhart camped for 5 hours at a Palm Springs animal shelter in California to get the puppy he fell in love with. The man arrived at the door of the shelter, that open its door at 1:00 PM, at 8:0 AM prepared to camp with a book and chair.

Anthony Mercurio, an employee in the shelter, said that Brian’s heart fell in love with Elliot who was in a foster home. He also added that when they opened at 1:00 PM, he saw the man outside the door. Brian was not alone in his camp as Lisa, his wife, replaced him before noon for a toilet break!

Elliot was frosted by their neighbors, and they saw him there knowing that he needed a forever home. So, they asked their neighbor about the shelter and went to adopt the dog officially. The staff of the shelter just knew how much Eberharts love Elliot and they told them that they can adopt the dog permanently.

They took the dog, who was renamed Leo, home to live with them in a perfect home. How awesome!

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