“The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Welcomes its First-Ever Gorilla Birth – It’s Adorable!

A historic moment at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! A western lowland gorilla gave birth to a male, marking the first-ever gorilla birth in the zoo’s 139-year history. The new arrival, born on October 26, is a bundle of joy, and the proud parents are Nneka, 23, and Mokolo, 34. The entire zoo community is celebrating this significant event.

Newborn gorillas typically weigh around 3 pounds at birth and share an almost constant bond with their mothers during the first six months of their lives. They continue nursing for about three years. However, in this case, Nneka did not exhibit the appropriate maternal care for her infant.

Fredrika, the zoo’s 47-year-old senior female gorilla who has successfully raised four infants of her own, stepped in to provide maternal care. She has been assisting by bringing the newborn for bottle-feeding by the zoo’s dedicated staff, ensuring the baby’s well-being and health.

In honor of this momentous occasion, the zoo has announced a long-term partnership with CrossCountry Mortgage, which includes an exciting opportunity for the public to name the adorable infant gorilla. What a fantastic way to involve the community in this joyous event!

We are thrilled to share the birth of this precious gorilla, marking an unforgettable milestone in the history of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. As this adorable baby joins the zoo’s family, we’re eager to see what the future holds for this little one.

We invite you to watch the heartwarming video below that captures this incredible moment. Please share this heartwarming story with your friends and family and let them be a part of this extraordinary journey!”

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