Relatable Orangutan Mom with No Time For Baby’s Tantrum Pulls Kid Around Zoo Exhibit

The mother-son duo made up after the adorable incident

Baby Orangutan Throws Tantrum as his Mom Drags him Away from Playtime in Safari park

This time the tantrum didn’t play out at a shopping mall, grocery store or playground; it was at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium.

According to the Daily Mail, three-year-old orangutan Berani didn’t want to leave playtime when mom Sari came calling. When mom tried to move the little primate from his spot, the kid threw a bit of a tantrum.

Instead of giving in, Sari, a skilled and doting mother, literally took matters into her own hands, grabbing Berani and dragging him to a different spot in the zoo exhibit.

The relatable moment was captured by photographer Koen Hartkamp, who also witnessed the mother-son duo make up after the silly incident.

“Just like all small children, Berani still has to listen to what mum says even though he’s getting a bit more independent … and judging by the picture he didn’t like it,” the photographer told Daily Mail.

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