Daytime Car Mechanic’s Voice Is So Emotional He Even Made Simon Cry Full

Here’s a timeless treasure that holds a special place in my heart, as it unveils a distinct angle on Simon Cowell, a renowned and typically stern critic. Despite his reputation as one of the world’s toughest critics, this clip unravels a more vulnerable and relatable side of him.

Known for being a hard-to-please judge, with less than 25 percent of contestants earning his approval, the majority often face his sharp critiques. However, within this video, there exists a remarkable moment that cracks through his tough exterior, leading to an unexpected outpouring of emotion.

The catalyst for this emotional response is Josh Daniel, a 21-year-old car mechanic hailing from Billingham, England. Josh’s poignant rendition of Labyrinth’s “Jealousy” serves as a tribute to his late best friend, who tragically passed away when they were both 18.

Witnessing Simon Cowell, a symbol of stoicism, moved to tears stands as a testament to the genuine and profound talent displayed by Josh. The contestant’s voice is nothing short of extraordinary, delivering a performance that elicits chills in the most exquisite manner. It’s an authentic and exceptional moment, and one cannot help but be captivated by Josh’s remarkable talent.

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