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3 years ago, a special woman became a mother. What Sarah’s daughter looks like today.
And the chosen one, of course, ran away, leaving the girl with a one-year-old child «in his arms».Sarah, for sure, had a hard time: without arms, without
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5-years old girl wows Got Talent judges with uncommon voice
A little girl from Ukraine simply stunned the judges and the whole audience with her beautiful and unique performance at Got Talent Ukraine.
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He invited her to dance and ran into a hail of ridicule. However, don’t judge a book by its cover.
Most of you are probably familiar with this movie. like “Stretch your brains.” A very large number of people watched it, and everyone really liked the same moment.
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Woman becomes pregnant with two sets of identical twins at the same time
Ashley Ness was shocked to learn that she was expecting four babies at an ultrasound. A woman from the US has revealed that she’s expecting two sets
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Heroic disabled dog rescued the life of a baby buried alive by his 15-year-old  mother
There are numerous stories about heroic actions of our best friends-dogs, who always are ready, regardless the circumstances, to rush to help those in need.
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House plant that costs 67p will keep flies out your house
Keeping basil or mint plants in your kitchen can help ensure flies stay outside in the garden during the summer months. With the weather heating up, many
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A 68 year old woman sang an old hit so the judges jumped out of their seats.
The heroine of our publication today is Jenny Darren. She appeared on the show Britain’s Got Talent and surprised the judges of the musical.
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A 72 year old woman got pregnant – now look at her child 11 months later
When pop star Janet Jackson announced she was pregnant at the age 50, many people were shocked. Pregnancy at these ages can be very dangerous for both
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His wife abandoned him and their baby – so he wrote a letter that brought tears to hundred of thousands of people
We have all heard stories of fathers who abandoned their children and women and are not in contact with them at all. But it’s not common to hear
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Whale threw himself at a woman – when she understood why, she couldn’t stop the tears
Animals are more courageous than humans – and this story is a classic example! Nan Hauser has been researching and diving with whales for 28 years